I am Steve Phillips, a professional embedded systems engineer and a hobbyist game developer.

As a software developer, I work with .NET and Qt. My preferred language is C#, although I work heavily with VB .NET. I use C++ occasionally for embedded systems or cross platform projects.

As a firmware developer, I write C for PIC microprocessors. I have experience with the PIC18 line of 8-bit MCUs and have utilized CAN, I2C, SPI, UART, RS232 and USB HID communications protocols; digital and analog sensors; DAC and PWM outputs. I have extensive experience with high precision research equipment, mainly in fields related to mass measurement, gas analysis and activity detection. The majority of the systems I work with are considered hard real-time, and as such I am experienced with effective time slicing techniques and RTOS development.

While my focus is primarily on software and firmware, I also tend to lead the integration and debugging sides of projects I am on. To this end, I am experienced with multimeters, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers and similar test equipment. I have moderate experience as an electrical engineer and mechanical engineer, as needed to perform integration work.

As a game developer, I primarily use C# and the XNA framework. In the past, I used the cocos2d-javascript framework to create a browser based space shooter.