Board'em - My First Foray into Unity2D

I have been developing with XNA for a little over a year now, and have been enjoying my time on it. But I've also known that XNA is a dying platform and most developers have already jumped ship. Unity2D was the most commonly mentioned successor (in terms of where developers are going, not in terms of similarities between XNA and Unity2D). It was a tough choice for me to move from XNA, but I did it and don't regret it at all.

The reason it was a tough choice was because I have a bad history lately of shifting platforms, both in my hobby game development and my professional embedded systems development. I knew XNA was subpar and outdated, but I also knew that I was beginning to get good at it. Unity2D was shiny, powerful and well-loved, but everything I had learned about XNA would go right out the window, much like cocos2d-javascript before it and Allegro before that.

But now that I've done a project on Unity2D... wow. Goodbye XNA. Unity2D is slick, powerful and easy. The interface is far more graphical than I am used to, and that threw me off at first. But once I understood how prefabs, scripts and components all work together, I saw the immense potential in the engine.

And so this weekend, I hacked out a quick game called Board'em. It's a simple game, with simple graphics and no sound. But it helped me learn quite a few things about Unity. And the fact that I whipped something like this out in about 6 hours is really amazing. On previous platforms, simple things like collision logic, scene changing, spritesheets and particle systems would have taken more than 6 hours ont heir own. With Unity, all of that is built in and very easy, but with no loss of power.

Board'em is just a simple 2D game where you try to collect as many tokens as possible, as quickly as possible, without dying. As with most of my projects, it is available on github at, and you can play it with the Unity Web Player at