Drupal switch

Rather than switching my old site to Drupal, I've decided to just migrate to a new Drupal site. I will no longer be posting on visual77.com and will begin anew here on stevephillips.me. A number of factors led to this decision.

First, I haven't liked the handle 'visual77' for many years. The origin of the name is pretty absurd and meaningless and hasn't had any real representation of who I am for a very long time. It might never have been an appropriate handle, to be honest. To this end, I've been looking for a new handle for some time. I have also been interested in getting a domain name that is a little more professional for a developer. Unfortunately, my name is exceedingly generic and competition for any domain with my name in it is very high. I've accepted that I will not be getting any .com right now, and just accepted that a .me will have to suffice for now.

Second, the migration has not been going very smoothly. I am having a lot of trouble getting all of my old WordPress posts and comments into Drupal. While combing through all of my old content, there was an abundance of gaming and brewing related articles that, quite frankly, I don't even care to transfer over. Even a large chunk of my programming related articles are ones I could do without. So instead of worrying too much about getting everything moved over, I'm going to create an archival page with links to the articles that I still feel are worth highlighting.

Third, I just want a fresh start. Nothing more than that. I just like wiping my work surfaces clean every now and then, and I'm doing that now with my website.