First shot at the decorator pattern

I picked up the much beloved Design Patterns about 6 months ago, but have only had a chance to use some of them in the time since. Patterns like the strategy, factory, facade and adapter all have fit neatly into the projects I've worked on. But because of the nature of PHP development, many patterns simply don't fit in; this is especially true for patterns that are mostly relevant to run-time changes.

The decorator pattern is one such pattern that I have yet to use. Lucky for me, I'm about to start up a project that will give me a chance to use a lot of these patterns to solve problems with the design of the site. The decorator pattern was the first such pattern that I noticed while looking at the existing code base that I'll be modifying.

I don't want to talk too much about the project itself. I would rather wait until I actually have something to show. I don't want a repeat of the last project I discussed where I'm getting traffic and attention for a project that I'm merely considering. You can be assured that I will show off my work as soon as I have something to show.