Introducing Fusion

I've tried a few times in the past to make a game but haven't had much success. I can now say that I've gotten further with my current project than any of my previous ones and feel comfortable making a post about it. The current project is codenamed Fusion, and is beginning life as a Space Invaders clone. Along with Dovetail, it is a collaboration with a friend of mine - George Emond. He is doing the art and I am doing the programming.

My previous project, Dovetail, proved to be too much for my current skill level. I was simply not able to complete the most basic aspects of the code because my coding experience lay in very different areas than game development. So Dovetail has been indefinitely placed on hold while Fusion is developed. This project has come along much more smoothly and much more quickly than either myself or George would have anticipated, and I think a large part of that is due to the minimal scope.

Rather than try for a lofty goal of a game that does something new and exciting, Fusion exists only for me to learn how to develop games. In it's current state, it is merely a mediocre Space Invaders clone, but that is better than I can say for any of my other dead projects. Fusion is built using the HTML 5 canvas element and Javascript, and is built off of the tutorials available on canvasdemos.

While Fusion is currently very small and narrowly designed, there are plans to expand it out into something a little more fun and unique. But for now, I can just say that I am immensely proud that I finally have something that I can call a game.