Using sandbags to control avatar movement

When designing a game, it is important to define what areas the player’s avatar can access. This lets you define the outer bounds for the map, as well as mark off blocked areas, such as spaces occupied by a chest, a building or a tree.

In my work developing Armadillo, I experimented with the concept of a sandbag grid to aid me in this. In this multi-dimensional array, each cell represents an X,Y coordinate, with a value indicating whether or not that square is accessible in the game.

Creating games using XNA

I wrote my last game, Fusion, using cocos2d-javascript. While I liked the library, I wanted to branch out before committing to any framework. As a veteran developer, but new game developer, I knew the trap of falling in love with the first viable framework and ignoring all others. So for my next game, I wanted to really change things up and explore other languages, platforms and frameworks.