JavaScript, while not my primary language, is still a language that I spend a fair amount of time in. Much of my time in JavaScript lately has been working with nodejs on my wsilent project.

Nordic Adventure and the Mediator Pattern

When I wrote Fusion, one of the mistakes that bogged me down was that all objects were on a single layer - the backgrounds, player, turrets, bullets, enemies and explosions all intermingled in the same space. This made it difficult to independently work on each section, since there was always concern that my work would impact another section.

Introducing Nordic

In July, I wrote that I was working on a new Javascript game using the cocos2d-javascript framework, and I'm ready to make a real announcement. The working title is 'Nordic'; it is a 2D action-adventure game inspired by classics such as The Legend of Zelda, Beyond Oasis and Terranigma.

What tools do I have my eye on?

In the course of my work and research, I often come across new tools that I hear about and am interested in trying, but have not yet had a chance to actually delve into in any meaningful way. This is a list of what is currently on my queue.

Exploring cocos2d-javascript for my next game

My previous game endeavor, fusion, is nearing the end of its development life. While there are many things I'd like to do with it, I have to remember why I started it in the first place - to learn JavaScript game development. I have wanted to make video games since I was very young, but have had trouble getting started on a project until Fusion. It is by far the most complete game I have ever made.

Summer of Learn

For various reasons, the past 2 months or so has seen me experimenting with a whole lot of new techniques that I had never previously explored. This also happened last Spring. I want to make this an annual part of my life and so I now introduce the Summer of Learn. Each summer, I will pick a variety of technologies that I am vaguely aware of and make an attempt to get my feet wet. These technologies can range from entirely new languages to new features within languages I already use.

Fusion turrets - strategies and flyweights

On a side note, it's been two weeks since my last post? That's awful. I feel like I've had a lot to talk about, just haven't had the time to write an article.

The goal

I've been working on fusion a good amount lately, and one of the major pieces of development work is the introduction of 3 new turret types - lasers, missiles and machineguns. This is in addition to the original turret, which has now been renamed the cannon. Each turret type has some advantages and disadvantages:

Fusion - lots of math learning going on here

It's been 8 weeks since I announced Fusion. I really need to blog more. Maybe I should start to follow Chris Shiflett's Ideas of March blogging revival and dedicate this month to keeping up to date with this blog. and wsilent

I recently switched out all of the websocket calls in wsilent with This was forced upon me when wsilent stopped working with newer versions of Chrome because Chrome no longer supports websocket v75 or v76, which are the only two methods that wsilent supports.