What tools do I have my eye on?

In the course of my work and research, I often come across new tools that I hear about and am interested in trying, but have not yet had a chance to actually delve into in any meaningful way. This is a list of what is currently on my queue.

First experiences with Visual Basic

Starting today, Sable Systems is doing a Week of Code where all developers are tackling issues related to our primary software. Even though the software is written in Visual Basic and C#, I am a part of this. Considering my lack of experience in these languages, I spent a large part of my day just understanding the structure. I wasn't able to truly get started for several hours and just spent the time poking the code.

Exploring cocos2d-javascript for my next game

My previous game endeavor, fusion, is nearing the end of its development life. While there are many things I'd like to do with it, I have to remember why I started it in the first place - to learn JavaScript game development. I have wanted to make video games since I was very young, but have had trouble getting started on a project until Fusion. It is by far the most complete game I have ever made.

Summer of Learn

For various reasons, the past 2 months or so has seen me experimenting with a whole lot of new techniques that I had never previously explored. This also happened last Spring. I want to make this an annual part of my life and so I now introduce the Summer of Learn. Each summer, I will pick a variety of technologies that I am vaguely aware of and make an attempt to get my feet wet. These technologies can range from entirely new languages to new features within languages I already use.

Adventures with SASS

I recently began to use SASS to enhance my CSS work. After I got past the learning curve of getting Compass set up and working, I fell in love with the power and simplicity of SASS. It supports the kind of syntax I've long wanted to use, such as variables, mixins and nested rules. The nested rules are especially important to me, since that is the feature I most frequently craved.