visual basic

Updating my portfolio and skills

Over the past few months, I have been involved in a number of new projects, as well as hardly touching older tools. I haven't had a chance to update my blog, and don't plan to write a full summary for each subject (except the Arduino turret), and instead will just give a brief overview. The Arduino turret will be covered in much more detail once I have it completed.


A Long Overdue Update

I haven't posted an article in over 2 months, but I assure you that is not for lack of interesting development thoughts racing through my head. It is merely a side effect of switch from a web developer role into a software / firmware developer role - a lack of confidence.

On Visual Basic .NET

From what I hear, Visual Basic .NET is one of the most hated languages in existence. And so I am baffled as to why I'm enjoying it. Is it just the shininess of new paradigms and techniques? Is PHP really the absolutely bottom of the barrel of languages? Until I spend more time with VB .NET and other languages (especially C# .NET), I can't say for sure.

My Post-PHP Experiences

A few months ago, my work duties changed and I've been spending most of my time on languages other than PHP, namely VB .NET and C, with occasional forays into C# .NET and Basic. In those few months, I've learned a few things about what it's like outside of the PHP ecosystem.

First experiences with Visual Basic

Starting today, Sable Systems is doing a Week of Code where all developers are tackling issues related to our primary software. Even though the software is written in Visual Basic and C#, I am a part of this. Considering my lack of experience in these languages, I spent a large part of my day just understanding the structure. I wasn't able to truly get started for several hours and just spent the time poking the code.