MetaScreen / CaloScreen / SableScreen

Sep 2012 - Present

These three related pieces of software are my primary focus at Sable Systems, International.

MetaScreen is written in VB .NET and is designed for mouse metabolic research with multiplex systems and up to 16 mouse cages. As maintainer, I have made great strides in consolidating numerous forks of this software that existed for specific customer needs, as well as maintaining the source code in the subversion repository. As this work wraps up, my focus shifts towards bug fixes and new features to ensure that the software is stable, robust and fully capably for all of our customer needs.

CaloScreen is also written in VB .NET, but is designed for human metabolic research or room calorimetry.

SableScreen is written in VB .NET, but is being migrated to C#. It is designed for mouse metabolic research with parallel systems and an unlimited number of cages (although the CAN bus can be a limiting factor). SableScreen is the future of software within the company, and will eventually incorporate all of the features of MetaScreen and CaloScreen.