Jan 2012 - Present

SableOPS is a PHP driven website that is used internally by Sable Systems, International to manage production, purchasing and engineering. It keeps track of all products that the company manufacturers, the warehouse inventory, and assignments for manufacturing. The scope of the system is ever growing and will one day encompass most internal aspects related to the equipment.

When I joined the company, the system was in its infancy and I was specifically brought on to bring it to a stable, mature state. I did this by overhauling large portions of the code to conform to an MVC system. I decoupled systems into distinct modules, views and controllers; implemented a robust router; and heavily refactored the JavaScript to make use of jQuery. I also implemented SASS and am in the process of implementing Composer and shifting the codebase to be PSR-2 compliant.

In addition to the core of the system, I have worked heavily on improving the user experience through jQuery UI and valid HTML5 markup. I make every attempt to minimize repeated code and improve the overall maintainability of the system. I have also upgraded the code base from PHP 5.1 to PHP 5.4, and incorporated much additional functionality, such as namespaced vendor libraries, anonymous functions, closures, PDO and bcrypt.