This is my current portfolio site. I switched from WordPress to Drupal in mid 2011 after I fell in love with the power and flexibility of Drupal. The site is built on Drupal 7 and makes extensive use of the custom Content Types and Views module to allow me to manage my blog and portfolio side by side with ease.

In particular, I created a new Content Type and Vocabulary to manage my portfolio samples and portfolio tools, respectively. The portfolio sample content type has the additional fields of URL, Date and Tools, with Tools being a vocabulary to organize languages, frameworks and design patterns that were employed in my portfolio. The tools vocabulary also has additional fields for First Used and Experience. The Experience field is powered by the VotingAPI and Fivestar modules.

Once this content type and vocabulary were set up and I could easily add new portfolio samples and tools, I used the Views module to create a few pages to show off my portfolio. The Portfolio page shows all portfolio samples in a similar layout to the blog, the Tools page shows each of the tools, along with a brief description and a count of portfolio samples that use that tool, and the Tools table page shows the tools in a compact, sortable table.

Finally, I created a custom sub-theme for the Zen starter theme to style the site. The style was originally created by a colleague of mine to help me with the Zearch project page, but was enhanced by me to style the entirety of my portfolio site.