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I've been using CSS to style web pages since mid 2006, when I switched from table based designs. I now do all style in CSS and try to have as little markup in the HTML as possible. I constantly try to find new techniques to further streamline my styles. While I admit my design skills are lackluster, my knowledge of CSS is not at fault for that.


This is my current portfolio site. I switched from WordPress to Drupal in mid 2011 after I fell in love with the power and flexibility of Drupal. The site is built on Drupal 7 and makes extensive use of the custom Content Types and Views module to allow me to manage my blog and portfolio side by side with ease.

Corporate Intranet

During my time at BDI, I built and maintained a large corporate intranet that managed over 7,000 clients and 500 employees (as of Nov 2011). The system was built from scratch on a custom PHP framework that was heavily modified over the years to handle the changes in requirements. The system started as a pure PHP / HTML system, but incorporated XSL in 2008 when I began to use that heavily. The system allows both employees and clients to log on to view their status, post support tickets, view notes and many other features.