First used: 

I began to use Kohana 2.x in late 2008 when tasked with building SEO Worldwide. A colleague had begun working with it and highly recommended it. I immediately loved the ORM and the views and used Kohana exclusively for a few years.

I was unimpressed with Kohana 3.x and made the decision to stick to 2.x. I did not like the changes, especially the removal of the event system. In recent years, the lack of a coherent menu, permission and page layout system began to irritate me, and I switched all of my work to Drupal 7.

Corporate Intranet

During my time at BDI, I built and maintained a large corporate intranet that managed over 7,000 clients and 500 employees (as of Nov 2011). The system was built from scratch on a custom PHP framework that was heavily modified over the years to handle the changes in requirements. The system started as a pure PHP / HTML system, but incorporated XSL in 2008 when I began to use that heavily. The system allows both employees and clients to log on to view their status, post support tickets, view notes and many other features.