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PHP has been my primary web development language since 2006. The LAMP stack, in particular, has been my workspace. While I've dabbled in other server-side languages, such as Java and nodejs, I always return to PHP for most of my work.


Indigo is a minimalistic PHP 5.4 framework that takes inspiration from Drupal and Kohana. It is the distillation of many projects that I have worked on, and shows the full range of my PHP capabilities.

Corporate Intranet

During my time at BDI, I built and maintained a large corporate intranet that managed over 7,000 clients and 500 employees (as of Nov 2011). The system was built from scratch on a custom PHP framework that was heavily modified over the years to handle the changes in requirements. The system started as a pure PHP / HTML system, but incorporated XSL in 2008 when I began to use that heavily. The system allows both employees and clients to log on to view their status, post support tickets, view notes and many other features.


DOMi is a PHP library that uses the facade pattern to blend the DOMDocument, DOMXPath, and XSLTProcessor into a single object. It also adds additional functionality for converting PHP data types of any complexity into an XML tree and for rendering this XML tree with an XSL stylesheet.

The project was started due to a lack of a good library for working with XML within PHP. At the time, my company was using XML and XSL for our intranet system. In order to more easily work with XML, DOMi was created to simplify the process of converting an object to an array.