Using the WS2812B with a PIC microcontroller

For a recent project at work, I had to get a WS2812B LED working with a PIC18F25K80. The WS2812B is a neat little LED, but getting it working was an absolute nightmare! The device uses a non standard communication protocol and the datasheet is lacking, to put it kindly.

PIC18 Basics - Timers

When writing firmware, one of the most common tasks that needs to be done is creating a system clock. This clock, often measuring milliseconds, is used for a great variety of things - switch debouncing, countdowns, blinking lights or any repeated tasks. In order to create a timer, you only need to know a few things about your project's oscillator speed, how to calculate the timer value and how to use interrupts.

Adding custom software to Bitbake / OE-Core

This tutorial is aimed at developers who are already comfortable using Bitbake and want to add their own software to a recipe. It will cover how to create a basic recipe and how to point that recipe's source to a Git repository. In addition, I will briefly touch up compile and install directions to get your custom software installed in the rootfs generated by Bitbake to flash onto an embedded Linux device.

Updating my portfolio and skills

Over the past few months, I have been involved in a number of new projects, as well as hardly touching older tools. I haven't had a chance to update my blog, and don't plan to write a full summary for each subject (except the Arduino turret), and instead will just give a brief overview. The Arduino turret will be covered in much more detail once I have it completed.


A Long Overdue Update

I haven't posted an article in over 2 months, but I assure you that is not for lack of interesting development thoughts racing through my head. It is merely a side effect of switch from a web developer role into a software / firmware developer role - a lack of confidence.

My Post-PHP Experiences

A few months ago, my work duties changed and I've been spending most of my time on languages other than PHP, namely VB .NET and C, with occasional forays into C# .NET and Basic. In those few months, I've learned a few things about what it's like outside of the PHP ecosystem.

Robots and embedded systems

Last March, I made a robot. I followed the instructions over at Let's Make Robots! and built a little bot running the PICAXE 28X1 microprocessor. I named her Li'l Lady Murderpants and had big plans for some fun times.