Using the WS2812B with a PIC microcontroller

For a recent project at work, I had to get a WS2812B LED working with a PIC18F25K80. The WS2812B is a neat little LED, but getting it working was an absolute nightmare! The device uses a non standard communication protocol and the datasheet is lacking, to put it kindly.

PIC18 Basics - Timers

When writing firmware, one of the most common tasks that needs to be done is creating a system clock. This clock, often measuring milliseconds, is used for a great variety of things - switch debouncing, countdowns, blinking lights or any repeated tasks. In order to create a timer, you only need to know a few things about your project's oscillator speed, how to calculate the timer value and how to use interrupts.

A Long Overdue Update

I haven't posted an article in over 2 months, but I assure you that is not for lack of interesting development thoughts racing through my head. It is merely a side effect of switch from a web developer role into a software / firmware developer role - a lack of confidence.

Robots and embedded systems

Last March, I made a robot. I followed the instructions over at Let's Make Robots! and built a little bot running the PICAXE 28X1 microprocessor. I named her Li'l Lady Murderpants and had big plans for some fun times.